Neighbour slammed after complaining about pregnant woman’s ‘loud’ vomiting

A mum-to-be has spoken out about her moaning neighbour after they complained that she was throwing up too loudly.

In an anonymous post on Reddit, the woman, who lives in an apartment building, explained that since falling pregnant she has experienced a lot of morning sickness, which on occasion, causes her to throw up multiple times a day.

She said: “My neighbour knocked on my door and said she could hear my ‘loud puking’ all the time, and she has a gag reflex when she hears people throwing up. She said she has almost thrown up after hearing me.”

So, her neighbour asked her if she could run water, play music, and turn on her bathroom fan before she’s sick.

“I am in my first trimester and haven’t even told my family that I’m pregnant yet, so I didn’t really want to share with my neighbour,” she explained.

“But it seemed like she was implying that I was purposely making myself vomit so I felt like I had to explain.”

The woman apologised to her neighbour and told her that she was pregnant, and in a bid to keep the peace, she told her that she would try to turn on her fan before she threw up to block out some of the noise – but since the nausea can come on quickly she said couldn’t promise anything.

“She didn’t seem happy with this but said okay and left,” the woman said.

Since then, the mum-to-be has been turning her fan on whenever she can and attempting to throw up quietly, “but this is honestly stressful.”

“My neighbour knocked on my door yesterday and said she has still heard me and would be talking to management if it didn’t stop.

“I was exhausted and over it, so I told her, ‘okay then’ and closed the door.”

She concluded her post by asking users whether she’d been unreasonable for the way she handled the situation, but people assured her that it was her neighbour who was in the wrong.

One person said: “Her request is unreasonable. It’s also part of apartment living. The s* is noisy. Congrats on your pregnancy and worry about caring for you and your baby. Put your neighbour into the ‘f* those guys,’ box where she belongs.”

Another wrote: “‘I’m going to talk to management.’ Lmao, what the hell does she think is going to come of that? Working out a vomiting schedule? Creating a no-puking policy in the apartment? Does she think they’re going to say ‘ah yes, a thousand apologies, we’ll get right on that’ and soundproof her damn apartment?

“Management is going to recommend she invest in a white noise machine and noise-cancelling headphones.”

Whilst a third user added: “TBH I think you should talk to management, say she is making you uncomfortable with unreasonable demands because if she doesn’t like puking she’s really going to whine about a newborn’s crying, so better for you to be on record first.”

Another person revealed that they have misophonia, as they explained: “The sound of balls (footballs, basketballs) being hit and hitting walls/floors does my head in and makes me crying angry.

“Have I asked my neighbours kids to stop playing? No, I wear headphones. Tell her you can’t control your bodily functions, especially now, so it’s on her to come up with a solution.”