Crowds left bemused as man shouts missing dog’s unfortunate name in public

A man left crowds of people bemused after he shouted his dog’s unusual name in public, and only realised his error as everyone stopped to stare at him.

The man, who shared his story anonymously, went away to the Lake District with his partner and the in-laws, and took his dog, River, along for the walk.

But River ran off, coincidentally along a river, so the man went to go find the dog and stood on a rock shouting his dog’s name in a “theatrical” fashion.

He said that for at least a minute he stood shouting ‘River’ at the river, in multiple different tones, as everyone around him had no idea what he was doing, or why he was doing it.

Sharing his story on Reddit, the man said: “Currently holidaying in the Lake District. We were on a cycle trail along a river which goes over a number of bridges. Beautiful day, the scenery is amazing.

“We come to an area where you can go down to the water. Really idyllic. I’m with in-laws and brother-in-law’s family, we have four dogs between us.

“My dog, River, heads off downstream, obviously has a scent of something. After a few minutes you can barely see her in the distance. She’s not coming to the whistle, so I go and stand on a prominent rock, and start shouting her name.

“For a solid minute and in multiple tones, I loudly bellow ‘RIVER! RIVERRR! RIVERRR!’

“There are people on the bridge above, there are family’s around me having picnics. My family are laughing at me on the bank and I have no idea why.

“It was only after she’d returned finally that they were like ‘you’re just shouting River at the river and none of these people know why’. I have been laughing on and off since.”

After sharing his story, other Reddit users commented on the post to say they had similar experiences.

One wrote: “I had a neighbour whose dog was named ‘Danger’, riding my bike past their house when suddenly ‘Danger! Danger!’. I had a good laugh after my initial fear for safety.”

While another added: “My dad’s dog was called Echo – an unfortunate name for a dog with a tendency to run off. Got some rather odd looks wandering round a park shouting Echo with no dog anywhere to be seen..”

And one user said: “In college I briefly lived in a house with a sort of communal dog, who I occasionally took for walks.

“He got off his leash at one point and took off into this city neighbourhood, and I had to sprint around a not-unquestionable part of town yelling ‘Cheese!’ at the top of my lungs.

“I miss that mutt.”