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Laptops Tips And Tricks So You Get What You Need

It is not always clear what is required when purchasing a laptop. New technology is prevalent in laptops, and you might not know a lot about them. You shouldn’t feel alone because a lot of people don’t know what to look for. Luckily this article offers many tips to help you find the best laptop. […]


How to apply for Mensa if you think you’re smart enough to get in

There are currently around 140,000 members of Mensa across the globe with 19,000 hailing from the UK and Ireland. However, with around one in 50 people eligible to join, there may well be more than 1.4 million potential Mensans in Britain and Ireland that are none the wiser. The incredibly bright three-year-old, Dayaal Kaur, made […]


Girl asks for traumatic Lion King cake in hope people will be too sad to eat it

A three-year-old girl has been labelled “the smartest kid in the whole world” after making a very specific request for her Lion King birthday cake – with a devious motive. Twitter user Casey Feigh posted pictures to say his niece, Leona, had turned three and asked for a birthday cake in the theme of the […]


House unrecognisable as single mum transforms it while raising two-year-old son

A single mum managed to renovate her house on her own while raising a two-year-old toddler – and she has even added a one-bedroom flat to rent out in the home as well. Ane Elizabeth Killingberg, 29, a single mother to Noah, two, from Vanvikan, Norway, purchased a three-bedroom and one bathroom home in September […]


Large dead whale washes up on British beach on hottest day of the year

A dead minke whale has been washed up on the Teeside coast with people being told to stay away from the area until it is removed. Walker Fiona Rowbotham raised the alarm on social media after seeing the giant mammal on the beach at Redcar on Tuesday evening, reported Teeside Live. She wrote: “Some kind […]


Crowds left bemused as man shouts missing dog’s unfortunate name in public

A man left crowds of people bemused after he shouted his dog’s unusual name in public, and only realised his error as everyone stopped to stare at him. The man, who shared his story anonymously, went away to the Lake District with his partner and the in-laws, and took his dog, River, along for the […]


Neighbour slammed after complaining about pregnant woman’s ‘loud’ vomiting

A mum-to-be has spoken out about her moaning neighbour after they complained that she was throwing up too loudly. In an anonymous post on Reddit, the woman, who lives in an apartment building, explained that since falling pregnant she has experienced a lot of morning sickness, which on occasion, causes her to throw up multiple […]


Dad catches son running away from home – with a Minecraft sword and a skateboard

A funny video shows the moment a young boy decided to run away from home and grabbed all his essentials – a Minecraft sword, a skateboard, and his Spiderman rucksack. The video was uploaded to TikTok by Derek Lipp, after he caught his son, Dawson, running away from home on his security camera. In the […]